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The Kinsey wig! A shorter version of the Kerry Wig with slightly more curl. A very elegant look for both young dancers and older dancers a like!
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Hair Donut
Our Price: $5.00

Hair Donut - to add height to your wig.  For stability you can pin through our donuts.  Comes in blond, brown and black
Wig Sheen and Conditioner
Our Price: $15.00

Wig Sheen Spray - Conditions as well as shines
Please allow  for shipping time since it is a liquid it must be sent UPS ground
Wig Color Ring
Our Price: $27.00

Wig Color ring is the easiest way to match you hair to the perfect wig color.  Customers will recieve a code once color ring is returned to order their new wig.   A code is good for a $25.00 on their wig.

Wig ring must be returned first in order to receive the credit.
Our Price: $89.00

The New Clar Bun wig. Large enough in size to balance out those of you who
have very large tiaras and easy to maintain! The same great quality fiber as
the Eimear! You can comb it just like the Eimear!

Look for more colors to come!
Seaneen Wig
Our Price: $119.00

Very full, loose curl wig. Big and bold but manageable.