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Wig Colors

Please be aware that the pictures of our wig colors may vary slightly from the actual color of our wigs. Please click on the wig picture in order to see the other colors offered.
Eimear Jr. Natural Curl Bun
Our Price: $59.00

NEW SMALLER VERSION!! Natural curl and feel bun wig. Easy to style and maintain. Versatile styling. You can comb it!!!!

Eimear Bun Wig
Our Price: $69.00

NEW Natural curl and feel bun wig. Easy to style and maintain You can comb this wig!
Our Price: $89.00

The New Clar Bun wig. Large enough in size to balance out those of you who
have very large tiaras and easy to maintain! The same great quality fiber as
the Eimear! You can comb it just like the Eimear!

Look for more colors to come!
Junior Maeve Wig
Our Price: $89.00

Our Junior Maeve wig is a great fit for our smaller dancers. Usually age 9 or younger of course depending on head size!
Senior Maeve Wig
Our Price: $99.00

Our Senior Maeve wig is perfect for your Irish dancer it is a full long loose curl wig which is light weight.  Your dancer is sure to love it.  Wig shown is a Senior Maeve Color 27c  Ginger Red -  Then use drop down menu to select your color. Color may vary in photo for an exact match please order a color ring.
Our Price: $109.00

rA full loose curl wig. The Ashline is a smaller version of the Seaneen.
Seaneen Wig
Our Price: $119.00

Very full, loose curl wig. Big and bold but manageable.
Kinsey Wig
Our Price: $125.00

Shorter version of Kerry wig with slightly more curl. Elegant loose curl!
Shipping outside the USA will be an additional charge.
Kerry Wig
Our Price: $139.00

The full natural looking Kerry wig!